Bear Court

by Eric & Robbie

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released May 17, 2016

Recorded 2013-2016

Produced by Robbie Fischer, “Scarlet” co-produced with Blake Jarvis

Cover art by Zak Sundin

Eric Doguet- vocals, banjo, guitar, bass

Robbie Fischer- vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass, kazoo, banjo (on “Cat Can Ashtray”), drums, percussion

"The Day the War Was Won" with The Garbage Chorus, consisting of Champ, Cian, Riley, Sam, Silas, & Taylor

"Standing Still" with Dan Gilbert on cello





Mudfroot Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

bluegrass from space

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Track Name: The Day the War Was Won
They said we’d fight each and every day
‘til blood stops running through our veins
But then the last shot of Dixie rung
the day the war was won
Track Name: Scarlet
Scarlet flows, the embers cross waters to the sand
No one knows which way I’m turning, should I say?
But I’ll be on my way
Will I be on my way?
Yeah, I’ll be on my way

Shadows grow, calling in the distance, so I hear
Bridges bow, my last chance of running turns away
But I’ll be on my way
Will I be on my way?
Yeah, I’ll be on my way

Looks like day in this future field, what am I doing here?
Something is rising, all will be low, everything glows
Stuck inside this scarlet sun, I’m the only one
Mid-July and I see my breath, there’s only good left

Usually I see what I plan
I know my mind isn’t perfect
You know I see the light now

I’ll be on my way now
I know I didn’t see it
It’s been a long time coming
Now here flows scarlet
Track Name: Bear Court
Walking down the woods one day I didn’t have nothing to do
When I saw an apple tree and I thought I’d have a few
These apples are very good, so I did declare
When all of a sudden I was surrounded by bears
This apple tree is ours they said and you are on our land
I said, “please cut me a break, you’re bears, I’m just a man”
Then before I even had a chance to protest
A bear in uniform came up and placed me under arrest

Bear court, bear court
Bear court, bear court
Yea I’m going down to bear court
And my life may be cut short
Yea nobody’s ever won case
Way down in bear court

They dragged me way down to a big old bear court house
Where they do their best to turn a bear into a mouse
I wasn’t given a lawyer, and the jury wasn’t there
And to my dismay, the judge was a big old bear
The judge slammed his gavel and gave me one demand
To tell him if I’d really taken apples off their land
I said yes I’m sorry, can you please tell me my bail
He said there isn’t one you get life in bear jail

Now I’m sitting in a cell with a bunch of guilty bears
They look kinda hungry and I’m getting pretty scared
The food is the same old thing each and every day
I’ll be eating raw fish until I am old and grey
All you people out there, please listen to my plea
Don’t commit crimes on bear land like me
So next time you’re about to pick an apple off a tree
Stop it or you will go down to bear court just like me
Track Name: Hell Blues
I got them goin’ deep down into Hell blues
I got them goin’ deep down into Hell blues
And well although this fate I did myself choose
I got them goin’ deep down into Hell blues
Got no more tears and no more pride
Got only the devil by my side
I’m deep down into Hell blue

Oh well you’ve probably seen my face on the news
Oh well you’ve probably seen my face on the news
They said my past was wrong so now I’ve been accused
Oh yeah you’ve probably seen my face on the news
I got all this unwanted fame
Now everybody knows my name
And my face is all over the news

I have spent twenty years or more locked in a cell
I have spent thirty years or more locked in a cell
And though I’d rather be up here than down in Hell
I have spent fifty years or more locked in a cell
Just bat your eye or scratch an ear
They add upon another year
I’ve spent my life locked in a cell

My spirit’s falling, will it ever land?
I said my spirit’s falling, will it ever land?
I will be cradled in the dark beast’s hand
Oh yeah my spirit’s falling, will it ever land?
Falling at a faster rate
I will now accept my fate
My spirit’s fallen, here now I will land
Track Name: Space Knight Cowboy
Got a job on an asteroid some twenty years ago
Work was hard, pay was good, but damn did time go slow
Out on the rocks one morn, a glimmer caught my eye
Few guys standin in a crater, I knew somethin was awry
Saw a man down in the dirt with a knife pressed to his face
That was when I knew that these were pirates from outer space
“Release this man” I said as I drew my sword with a twirl
They turned and drew weapons, speaking tongues from another world

Moving at the fastest pace
Not leaving a single trace
And everybody knows my face
Cuz I’m a wanted man in space

Just before our blades crossed, a space cop came on down
His heavy chrome boots kicked up dust as he landed on the ground
“Officer please help me”, to this one hope I did cling
A pirate threw him some cash and he said “Well i don't see a thing”
My jaw dropped down to the floor, I screamed “BASTARD YOU ARE DEAD!”
I charged him with my sword raised, but a blunt object hit my head
As i descended into darkness, I thought i’d entered hell
But then I awoke to the next best thing: a dark and lonely cell

Now you may be wondering how I escaped fate’s cruel design
Well after twenty years, I noticed in my jacket from the mine
Sat a stick of dynamite, two decades in age
I finally had the means to escape this awful wretched cage
That day out on release, I dropped by the wall
And with awestruck wonder, I watched my Babylon fall
I ran out into the dock and punched a pilot in his eyes
And flew off in the abyss, to the warden’s great surprise

So now I find myself before you in this dirty ole space bar
Singing sweet songs of woe, with my trusty ole space guitar
And now my friends, I fear I must be getting out the door
In the cold, dark distance I can hear them sirens roar
Track Name: Standing Still
Can you feel, can you feel can you feel
what is real, what is real, what is real?
Breaking bottles on your doorstep
trying to see what will last
You see playing children and their Mickey Mouse smiles
but you’re made out of stone

I can’t love you, but you know I will
I can’t help you when you’re standing still

Can you see, can you see, can you see
there’s a key, there’s a key, there’s a key?
On the edge of your consciousness’ shadow
lies the feeling between
What must happen to make you realize
all the things you can be?

Can you be, can you be, can you be
what are we, what are we, what are we?
You’re grasping so frantically at signs and solutions
hoping that one will reach back
Tear off your blindfold and take your first steps
Step right out of your grave
Track Name: Cat Can Ashtray
A small boy ambles down the street,
six legged angels dance at his feet
The breeze feels nice on his tear-ridden face
as he looks with distain at the human race
“How can people be so mean,
are they really all they seem to be,
which is cruelty mixed with a little bit of low self-esteem”
“Nothing in this place feels right,
why is everybody so inclined to fight
and push their pain on another…
step on a brother?”

He gathers berries and grass and rain,
crafting an elixir to ease the pain
Grey eyes set against a blue sky
from whence the heavens shine as the world goes by
Doesn’t see in shades, doesn’t see in rhymes
He doesn’t see the changes in the times,
And all the possibilities
of all the different people he could come to be
He sits on his deck with his head in the clouds,
if only he could see 10 years from now,
he’d see there’s a reason to be
He is gonna be me

I got my cat can ashtray
Gives me a reason to get up each and every day
Under the grill on my deck, forever it shall stay
It means so much to me, I don’t care what you say
Sit outside, chill with Bon Bon every day
All are welcome, stop by at chey Doguet
Sit on my deck and watch the world slowly fade away
I may be going soon, but it is here to stay
Please keep it safe for me while I am away
I may not have much but at least I can say